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Rongai Route

The Rongai route ascends Kilimanjaro from the north-eastern side of the mountain, along the border between Tanzania and Kenya. This route is popular because it offers a different perspective on Kilimanjaro by approaching it from the north. Because of how the mountain is on this side, this route does not allow us to climb high and sleep low like on the other routes, so hikers generally suffer more from altitude sickness on the Rongai route compared to other routes, therefore an additional acclimatisation day is highly recommended on this route.

Duration of climb: 6 days
Accommodation: Camping
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Rongai Route
DAY 01 :
Start Point: Rongai Start Point (1996m)
End Point: Simba Camp (2626m)
Distance: Approx. 7km (4 hours)
Habitat: Rainforest
DAY 02 :
Start Point: Simba Camp (2626m)
End Point: Kikelewa Camp (3679m)
Distance: Approx. 12km (7 hours)
Habitat: Moorlands
DAY 03 :
Start Point: Kikelewa Camp (3679m)
End Point: Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4303m)
Distance: Approx. 4km (3 hours)
Habitat: Moorlands
DAY 04 :
Start Point: Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4303m)
End Point: Kibo Hut (4730m)
Distance: Approx. 9km (5 hours)
Habitat: Alpine Desert
DAY 05 :
Summit Day
Start Point: Kibo Hut (4730m)
Summit Point: Uhuru Peak (5895m)
End Point: Horombo Hut (3705m)
Distance to Summit: Approx. 6km (8 hours)
Distance to Horombo Hut: 15km (7 hours)
Habitat: Stone scree/ ice-cap summit
On the Summit Day you will rise about 23h30, and after some tea and biscuits you set off into the night, and this is where the going really gets tough. The first section of the hike consists of a rocky path to the Hans Meyer Cave (5150m), which you will be pleased to know is a good resting spot. The path then zigzags up to Gillman’s point (5681m), which is located on the crater rim. From Gillman’s Point you will normally encounter snow all the way up to Uhuru peak (5895m), the highest point in Africa. You have now reached the summit! Weather conditions on the summit will determine how long you will be able to spend there taking photographs etc. You will then start the 3 hour descent back to the Kibo hut. After a short rest you will carry on down to Horombo hut which is where you will spend the night. The return to Horombo hut will seem surprisingly fast compared to the ascent. The total time spent walking on this day is around 14 hours, so be prepared for a very tough day.
DAY 06 :
Start Point: Horombo Hut (3705m)
End Point: Maragu Gate (1860m)
Distance: Approx. 20km (6 hours)
Habitat: Moorland and Rainforest
This is the final hike of the trip. The final descent will take about 6 hours. Once you reach the Marangu gate you will sign your name and details in a register. This is also where successful climbers receive their summit certificates. Those climbers who reached Gillman’s Point (5685m) are issued with green certificates and those who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m), receive gold certificates. Our vehicle will pick from gate and transfer you to the Hotel for leisure and resting.

The above tour includes: Park Fees, Transfers to and from the Airport, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner whilst on the mountain, 2 nights at the Medium Hotel in Arusha/Moshi.

Groups of 3+ qualify for a discount. Please contact for further information.