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Cultural Tours

Tanzania is culturally very diverse.
The main language is Swahili, a mixture between some of the older African languages and Arabic. The main religion is Christian and Muslim in a 70-30 split.
Cultural ToursThe country became Tanzania when the two countries, Tanganjika and Zanzibar unified to form Tanzania. The capital is Dodoma, the geographical centre of the country. The biggest city is Dar Es Salaam, meaning Harbour of Peace.
Tanzania has 47 million people and count approx 130 different tribes of which the most famous is arguably the Maasai, with their amazing traditions. Even in modern times they prefer to follow their nomadic lifestyle that they have done for centuries. Thousands of head of cattle and goats roam the North Western part of the country and Maasai villages dot the landscape. Come and see this amazing people for yourself. Visit a Maasai village and get to see inside their culture.
Another interesting tribe is the proud Chagga nation. The mountain people. For thousands of years they have been living on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and today they proudly assist the brave trekkers to reach the summit of this highest mountain on the African continent.
Come and experience there way of life and share some of their stories.
Tanzania is also regarded as the cradle of humankind. Come to the Oldupai Gorge (Wrongly known as the Olduvai Gorge), and see some of the oldest traces of humans on the planet. A must for all aspiring Anthropologists.
Zanzibar was once the slave trade centre of the world. A horrendous trade in humans that was thankfully abolished a long time ago. Various monuments takes one back to these times so we as the human race can never forget, even though we forgive, the horrors of this past.
Tanzania is also the home of Tanzanite. There is only one place in the world where Tanzanite is mined, very close to the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.
This incredibly beautiful blue semi precious stone is much rarer than diamonds and arguably more beautiful. From purple to light blue to the very rare deep blue stones, it makes the perfect gift to many a wife and girl friend.
Be sure to visit the mines and browse around for the ultimate stone.
Throw in Tinga Tinga art, a very rich modern and traditional African music, exquisite African and seafood cuisine and you will have a cultural experience second to none!!